Krampus! #2 teaser and Happy Holidays!

A little teaser from issue #2.

The first issue of Krampus! has been out a couple weeks now, and I really want to thank everyone that picked up a copy.  If you haven't (and your local comic shop hasn't sold out) I definitely urge you to give it a look.  Brian has come up with a really funny, interesting twist on a holiday-themed adventure.  The book is just loads of fun to draw, and, from what I hear, folks are having just as much fun reading it.   

Hopefully people don't think this is just a "Christmas" book and are not afraid to pick up issue #2 in January.  Most of the initial Christmas-centric trappings are really just framing devices to tell the story of a much wider world/cast of characters.  Trust me, Brian and I have a few surprises up our sleeves...

But, for a few more days, let's keep the Christmas spirits flowing...

Happy Holidays!
Krampus #2 out January 22nd from Image Comics
Script: Brian Joines
Art: me
Colors: Ron Riley
Letters: Charles Pritchett