Originally from Northeastern Pennsylvania, Dean studied Painting at West Chester University and has been working professionally in comics since 2009.

Stories he's drawn have been about:

Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter (Warlord of Mars Attacks)
Serial killer Marcel Petiot (the Butcher of Paris)
Ancient aliens (Gods and Gears)
White trash zombies (Trailer Park of Terror)
A holiday monster (Krampus!)
Pulp adventurers (the Red Panda)
A family of witches (Charmed)
A crime-solving poet (Poe)
Fantasy heroes (Dungeons & Dragons).  

He's also worked as a video game concept artist and frequently does illustrations for role-playing and other tabletop games.  Some of the many publishers he's worked with include Image, IDW, Dynamite, Dark Horse, Boom!, Goodman Games and Zenescope.

He lives with his girlfriend in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.