"Frankenstein's Castle" video game

Back in late '09 I drew quite a bit of concept art for Big Fish Games' "Escape from Frankenstein's Castle" video game.  These particular illustrations were for the opening credits, but I also worked on a lot of environmental and character design.  The real creative magic happened after my job was done.  Somehow the 3D modelers were able to flesh out my incoherent scribbles and bring the rooms to life.  If you have hours to spend wandering a haunted castle, download the game here: Frankenstein's Castle

And, yes, these particular drawings owe a LARGE debt to Berni Wrightson's take on the Shelley tale...but, to be sure, Wrightson owes a large debt to Franklin Booth.  So, let's call it even.   

For the process junkies in the crowd I also included the rough sketch for one of them.